Driving Lessons in Whitby

With the Pass Me Faster Team now branching out into North Yorkshire, Whitby is now a Test Centre firmly locked into the driving test cross hairs.  Lets have a look at Driving Lessons Whitby.  

Lets listen to one of our top specialists talk about the pitfalls witnessed on test over the years in Whitby.  Hill Starts, Rural Roads, One Way Streets and Tight Exit routes from the test centre means your going to have to be sharp.

Lets meet our Top Guy Gary Quail who has some helpful tips for breezing through things.

All Whitby YO21 Post Codes are now Covered on lessons!


Pass Me Faster Whitby Team

Hi there my name is Gary!  It’s with great honour I bring to you some helpful tips for driving tests in Whitby on behalf of our Pass Me Faster Team.

Firstly here’s just a bit about myself.

I have been a Driving Instructor now for approximately 15 years.  living in Robin Hoods Bay with my wife Janice and our two dogs Burns and Henry – Whitby Test Centre is my main location for tests.  

Hopefully writing this blog will help give future students a bit of a heads up of the lay of the land before lessons start.

We’re sure you can all agree that being able to hit the ground running can’t be a bad idea. 


Hills on Driving Lessons in Whitby

Without a shadow of a doubt your going to have to be a hill start master.  We have a little joke here in the office that if your pupil can’t hill start better than the instructor, they don’t have a chance on test.

A hill start specialist can

  • Hold the biting point to stop rolling backwards! 
  • Set the gas whilst holding biting point and not roll backwards!
  • Operate the handbrake if you do roll back!
  • Find biting point with handbrake on and know you have enough biting point before releasing it!

Yes to a seasoned driver this may seem a breeze but for a novice these are skills that must be worked on in great detail.

Over the years we have found some great places to work on these skills.  In the same way as Mr Miyage painting a fence or sanding the floor we can develop these skills in controlled training areas.  They can then be whipped out when needed on demand.

There’s a hill start on a T Junction right at the start of the test you MUST practice!


Rural Roads on Driving Lessons in Whitby

Its no surprise that with rural roads accounting for large numbers of fatality’s on UK roads they’re going to be used on test also. 

Whitby is a great area for learning to drive rural.  With many roads leading out of town into sprawling curving track we can really target in on keeping things safe.

Have a look below at a couple of things that go wrong on test on the rural roads

  1.  Getting the speed right.

Not surprisingly many a test will head out for some fast rural road driving.  Try to make progress when safe to do so.  If its clear ahead try to push it up to a sensible speed.  If there are bends ahead ease off and remember you must be able to stop in the distance that you can see to be clear.

Try to always imagine what could be around the next corner! 

Can you stop in the distance you can see is clear?

      2.  Road positioning

keeping well to your own side of the road too (LEFT) is a must in Whitby.  The examiners want to keep these roads safe so will not issue pass certificates for people playing chicken with oncoming vehicles.    

If you don’t keep it tight to the left on country roads when driving around bends your heading for multiple driver faults and even serious faults. 

Trust me the examiners will show no mercy with this.

As the roads dip and bend we must be always thinking of whats around the next corner.


One Way Streets on Driving Lessons in Whitby

You may be required to emerge out of some one way streets on your driving test.  Emerging to the left usually throws a straight ball.  Exiting a junction to the right however is where the problems start. 

You need to position right over on what at first may look like the wrong side of the road.  Position incorrectly for a right turn will almost definitely result in a driving test fail. 

Here’s a little help Identifying a one way street.

  • White arrow on a blue background (road sign)
  • All the parked cars facing the same direction
  • Double dotted give way lines on both sides of the junction mouth
  • White arrows on the left and right side of the road at the junction mouth

Get some practice and you will be fine!


Exiting and Entering the Test Centre Car Park on Driving Lessons in Whitby

With the sadistic location of the Driving Test Centre you will really need to put some practice in here.  For anyone who is familiar with Whitby, the test centre branches off the very steep Abbey Road. 

Can you Tackle this road whilst making a tight left or right (depending on which way you come from.)

This turn brings you onto a ridiculously tight road which will require a lot of practice.  Trust Me!

The only safe way off the steep Abbey road onto this tight road is a crawling speed or slower!

The reason the road your turning onto is tight is its full of parked cars on the left hand side.  Come in too fast and ‘BAM’ your straight into a meeting situation with oncoming motorists.

Who’s gunna reverse now then?

After things clear up you now have to make your way down this tight road.  Does your car have lovely expensive wing mirrors?  Get this wrong then NO it won’t!

Remember the examiner will not hesitate to grab the steering wheel if he or she feels the cars ears are getting close.

If you do manage to get to the end of this road in one piece then there’s another blind left turn taking you into the very small congested car park. 

Your Creeping and peeping skills will be tested to the maximum entering and exiting the Whitby Test Centre Areas.


Pass Your Driving Test In Whitby First Time 

Passing your driving test in Whitby means your going to have some very advanced hill starting skills to brag about.  Your rural road knowledge and creeping peeping routines are likely to be well above average too.  As you weave your way around the tight streets of Whitby one way streets will soon become a cinch.

Hopefully now you have a bit of a heads up on what to expect at Whitby test centre. 

If you have any driving test stories from Whitby we would love to hear from you in the comments section below. 

Continuing to gain knowledge and experience is what were all about and there’s always more to learn. 

For more info on Driving Lessons in Whitby click here.