Single Driving Lessons

If you prefer Single Driving Lessons, this is the page for you…

You’ll be able to book anywhere from 1 to 30 hours at once.

All instructors are trained to deliver single driving lessons and have at least 10 years’ experience as driver coaches.

With all our single lessons you get free access to our industry-leading theory test practice app.

We also relieve you from the stress and hassle of booking your test. Our office staff can grab that dream test date for you using our last-minute test-checking software.

At Pass Me Faster, we can advise between single lessons and block-booking lessons.

How do block lessons differ from courses? Block single lessons are spread out to suit you, whereas intensive driving courses are condensed into a short time frame.

No deposit necessary for single lessons, only for block bookings. Block bookings are less-expensive than equivalent courses so you can save some cash too!

Start driving almost immediately in most cases – manual and automatic options.

Still unsure? Get started with our famous 30-minute trial lesson for only £10. Then you can see if our talents are made for one another!

1-Hour Lesson


1.5-Hour Lesson


2-Hour Lesson


10-Hour Block


20-Hour Block


30-Hour Block


Every Lesson Offers the Following

Fully insured DSA approved professional driving instructor, local to your area.

We can book you a fast-tracked practical test to take place in the final hour of your course.

We can also book your theory for you at just £35; we book this 2-weeks before your test.

You choose between single lessons or block-bookings to suit you.

For all other enquiries please see our FAQs or Blog Section for more information.

Single Driving Lesson Selection

1-Hour Lesson £33

1-hour lessons are perfect for busy people.

Get to know the road and your instructor in your own time.

Single lessons are great for being in total control.

This is where the majority of the world’s drivers start out.

1.5-Hour Lesson £49

1.5-hour lessons are the next step up from the industry-standard hourly rate.

The price difference is only minimal and not so hard to stomach.

Again, you don’t have to commit a huge chunk of cash.

Are you ready to roll? Book your 1.5-hour lesson now!

2-Hour Lesson £63

2-hour lessons are a big step up – double the fun!

You’re making big strides to your driving game.

The great thing is, the price is still managable for most people.

Get on the blower now – book your 1.5-hour lesson.

10-Hour Block Booking £315

10-hour block booking is a power move.

You’re really showing your committment to the world.

On the plus side you’re still retaining flexibility over our intensive driving courses.

The road ahead is your oyster. So get booking today…

20-Hour Block Booking £607

20-hour block booking is a superb way to learn to drive.

You’re retaining that all-important flexibility. You set the time and place.

Pass Me Faster provide the knowledge and coaching. All 20 hours of it!

This block of lessons will drive your standards sky high.

30-Hour Block Booking £900

30-hour block booking is the King Pin of single lessons.

You can save some cash while retaining control of times and dates. Perfect!

No doubt, by the end of this block, you’ll be a certified stunner of a driver.

Driving test will be a walk in the park. Let’s roll…

Should you need any advice, please get in touch!